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Saxman Village’s Totem Park

February 20, 2017 ravensinnett0217 0

Saxman, Alaska, truly the totem capital of the world located 3 miles from Ketchikan, is truly the totem capital of the world,  and if you want to see the most standing totems in one location, a […]

Alaska Native Regions

Hoonah A Tourism Jewel

February 13, 2017 ravensinnett0217 0 Hoonah‘s compact size puts most points of interest within walking distance. BIRD WATCHING More than 250 species of waterfowl, shorebirds and common birds inhabit this area. Hoonah Harbor is a prime spot for viewing […]

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Protection of Denali wildlife is wise in more ways than one

February 13, 2017 ravensinnett0217 0

READ THE FULL STORY – CLICK ON ADN Author: Rick Steiner Wildlife viewing decline Today, against the wishes of many Alaskans, the state continues to permit hunting and trapping of Denali wildlife along the […]

Alaska Destinations

Alaska’s Far North

February 11, 2017 ravensinnett0217 0

FAR NORTH HOME PAGE: Far North As Alaska’s visitors cross the Arctic Circle, legend has it that many pilots give the plane a slight “bump” letting passengers know they’ve crossed the legendary circle. Alaska’s […]

Alaska GeoTourism

Welcome to Alaska’s GeoTourism

February 11, 2017 ravensinnett0217 1

Welcome to Alaska’s GeoTourism Your First One Stop For Tourism Information Welcome to Alaska Geotourism The Alaska Geotourism Collaboration, is an initiative originally convened by University of Alaska faculty and program specialists. It now includes […]

Alaska 5* Tour Trails

The History of Alaska is a Rich One

February 11, 2017 ravensinnett0217 0

The history of Alaska is a rich one, dating back to the first human migrations across the Bering Land Bridge into what we now know as Western Alaska. The abundance of material objects and remains found […]

Alaska 5* Tour Trails

Alaska Spirit Camps

February 10, 2017 ravensinnett0217 0

WELCOME TO ALASKA NATIVE SPIRIT CAMPS    Dear Reader The following pages tell a story, and like many stories it tells about a journey that takes place over time. This journey begins with the elders. They […]

Alaska 5* Tour Trails

Nuuciq Spirit Camp

February 9, 2017 ravensinnett0217 0

Nuuciq Spirit Camp On the shores of Nuchek Island, approximately twenty minutes by air from Cordova, within the Prince William Sound, children and elders of the Chugach people spend time together to relive their heritage. […]