Hoonah A Tourism Jewel


Hoonah‘s compact size puts most points of interest within walking distance.


More than 250 species of waterfowl, shorebirds and common birds inhabit this area. Hoonah Harbor is a prime spot for viewing bald eagles.

eagle in tree 

The Bald Eagle ( Haliaeetus leucocephalus )

Sitting Bear.
The Brown Bear (Ursus arctos)
Photo by Terry Fiske

Other land animals including Sitka black-tail deer, land otter, marten, beaver, mink and red squirrel may also be observed.


Chichagof Island has the largest Brown bear population in the world, approximately three per square mile!

Sitka Black Tail deer.
Nature’s Camouflage



Whale sightings are common from shore. In the summer of 2007, a record 161 individual humpback whales were identified near Hoonah in the Point Adolphus-Glacier Bay area.

Other aquatic mammals include orcas, sea lion, porpoise, sea otter and seal.

breaching humpback
harbor seal Both the curious harbor seal and the mighty breaching humpback whale appear suddenly and are exciting to watch.

 Photo by Dee Westman | Photo by Lynn Osheim


There are five species of salmon (king, coho, sockeye, chum and pink) which migrate to their spawning rivers and streams in our world-class fishing grounds.

Please see our Charters/Tours page for information on getting out into the forest and on the water.

fish and fishermen
Locals George and Dee Westman showing off
fishing calendar
big king and fisherman
Resident Frank Lee and his 86 lb.
King Salmon
The current sport-caught record-holding coho weighing 26 pounds was caught here in Icy Strait .

And speaking of records, just around the corner from Hoonah, a 440 pound world-record halibut was caught.

Freshwater fishing is also superb. Streams abound in season with cutthroat and rainbow trout, dolly varden char and steelhead, as well as salmon.

Alaska sport fishing regulations can be found at www.sf.adfg.state.ak.us



Local businesses supply fuel, groceries, hunting and fishing supplies, licenses, food and drink, bait, boat repair, hardware, laundry facilities and more.

Beautiful, labor-intensive products made by Hoonah artists and other Alaskan artists are for sale in most shops.

woven baskets


icy strait point complex
Visitors find historical theater, activities and shops at ISP

In 1912, one of the world’s most productive salmon canneries was built on the outskirts of Hoonah. In 2003, this long-retired facility was renovated to become a unique, Native-owned cruise ship destination named  Icy Strait Point (ISP).When a ship is in port, buses run regularly between Hoonah and ISP, but a walking path which parallels the roadway offers an unhurried, panoramic seaside experience at any time of year.

Locally carved canoes and totem poles – wooden monuments depicting Tlingit history, legends and culture can be found at several locations in the community. 

The Huna Tribal House Carving Project is housed in a light blue warehouse in the middle of town, across from the ANB Hall.  The carvers are currently working on the house poles, screens and totems that will adorn the Tribal House.  The Tribal House will be constructed at Bartlett Cove in Glacier Bay National Monument beginning in 2014.

There is a single small totem pole in the center of town between the Misty Bay Lodge and the Alaskan Gift Shop.

Icy Strait Point has several totems on their grounds that are available for the public to enjoy.


Totem located at the Hoonah Public Schools.
cemetary image

cemetery located across from the ferry terminal.

Across the road from the ferry terminal is a small cemetery with many interesting and unique grave markers, including a carved stone bear.

There is also a cemetery in front of the town on Pitt Island, reachable by boat.



On the way to the airport, just down the hill from the Post Office, is the Hoonah Forest Service headquarters.

Helpful slide shows, maps, brochures and handouts are available describing activities and facility locations on the
Tongass National Forest.

ranger station

Tongass National Forest Ranger Station, Hoonah
keidladee park
Seagulls at the Park



K’eidladee Park is an area for sports, picnicking, walking, and jogging located at the boat harbor. Picnic tables, grills, a basketball hoop, a skateboard ramp, and playground equipment are provided for all to use.


To find out about the more than 200 miles of dirt roads available for hiking and biking, a Chichagof Island/Hoonah Area Road map can be obtained at the Forest Service Complex. Since this is prime bear habitat, education about bears is essential for safety.


About 25 miles north of Hoonah across Icy Strait is Glacier Bay National Park, original home of the Huna Tlingit people and one of the seven small wonders of the world. Hoonah is a convenient layover for visitors to the park.

glacier bay map


The Hoonah area offers excellent hunting opportunities for brown bear, blacktail deer  and waterfowl.

Hunters may contact a local guide to get current hunting regulations, or visit the Alaska Department of Fish& Game website www.wildlife.alaska.gov for more information.

For hunting regulations on federal lands see http://alaska.fws.gov/asm/index.cfml or call 1-800-478-1456

local brown bear
My Territory” Photo by Terry Fiske

Please see our Charters/Tours page for information on getting out into the forest and on the water.

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