Alaska Spirit Camps

WELCOME TO ALASKA NATIVE SPIRIT CAMPS    Dear Reader The following pages tell a story, and like many stories it tells about a journey that takes place over time. This journey begins with the elders. They tell stories about growing up and their experiences with education. They talk about how to know yourself, and why it is important to know your history and language. These elder stories provide direction for the journey.  On the journey are today’s students –the Gaalee’yaProjectstudents. The students’ share their voice to demonstratethe impact of how the Gaaleee’yaProject has influenced their understanding of science in relation to traditional Native ways of knowing. Many of these Gaalee’ya students have been involved with the project for all fiveyears, and all students are taking university courses in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM). The story ends with telling about Putting It Together- this booklet, the result of the work of a Team of Alaska Native students and principal from Evaluation Research Associates LLC (ERA). The Booklet is the final evaluation of the Gaalee’ya STEM Project, a five-year grant awarded to the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF), Interior Aleutians Campus (IAC) by the National Science Foundation (NSF).’ya_Rpt_13_FINAL.pdf

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