What is AlaskaHost?

AlaskaHost is a statewide customer service training program for employees of the hospitality and visitor services industry. The program trains participants how to provide quality customer service for residents and visitors to Alaska.

An interactive seminar designed to equip tourism industry employees and job seekers with knowledge and skills necessary to provide high quality customer service to residents and visitors. The communication and customer services skills learned during this course also have application for employment opportunities with non-tourism businesses.

AlaskaHost workshops are designed to stimulate various types of learners (hands on, visual, audio) combining small group activities, PowerPoint presentation, videos, and handouts. Workshops range from one hour to eight hours and can be customized to the needs of the organization hosting the workshop

AlaskaHost Objectives

The objectives of the AlaskaHost class are to:

  • Understand the importance of providing quality customer service;
  • Recognize and anticipate customer needs and expectations;
  • Understand and communicate the economic value of the visitor industry to the State of Alaska;
  • Learn how to deal with dissatisfied customers in a professional, helpful manner.
  • Alaska Native culture for workers within Alaska’s hospitality and tourism industry. The course covers:
    • Discussion of the meaning of “culture”
    • Overview of the main Alaska Native groups
    • Detailed presentations on the culture and characteristics of several Alaska Native groups



Section One

• Introduction to Customer Service

• What do Customers Expect?

• What is Customer Service?

• Why is Customer Service Important?

Section Two

• Economic Impacts of Tourism

Section Three

• The Importance of First Impressions

• Dealing with Dissatisfied Customers

• The Importance of Handling Complaints Effectively

• Types of Dissatisfied Customers

Telephone Customer Service

• Effective telephone communication

• Basics of an incoming call

• Basics of an outgoing call

• Handling angry callers

Hosting Customers with Disabilities

• Alaska visitors traveling with a disability

• Effective communication techniques

• Disability Etiquette Handbook Alaska in Your Backyard:

Learn About the Last Frontier

• Why is it important to know about your community?

• Get to know your local area

• Visitor safety

• State of Alaska trivia game


Upon completion of the Customer Service Essentials course, participants receive a course certificate and lapel pin, featuring the artwork of, Alaskan artist, Rie Muñoz.

Job Seekers can add AlaskaHost and CulturalHost credentials to their online resume in the State of Alaska’s ALEXsys website that connects job seekers and employers.

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