There are over 200 village corporations, corresponding to the list of villages published in the text of ANCSA. Most corporations serve a single village, though some smaller villages have consolidated their corporations over the years.

Village corporation Community Regional corporation Website
Afognak Native Corporation Afognak Koniag, Incorporated
Afognak Native Corporation Port Lions Koniag, Incorporated
Akhiok-Kaguyak, Inc. Akhiok Koniag, Incorporated
Akhiok-Kaguyak, Inc. Kaguyak Koniag, Incorporated
Akiachak Limited Akiachak Calista Corporation
Akuliuk Inc. Selawik NANA Regional Corporation
Akutan Corporation Akutan Aleut Corporation
Alakanuk Corporation Alakanuk Calista Corporation
Alaska Peninsula Corporation[6] Kokhanok Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Alaska Peninsula Corporation[6] Newhalen Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Alaska Peninsula Corporation[6] Port Heiden Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Alaska Peninsula Corporation[6] South Naknek Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Alaska Peninsula Corporation[6] Ugashik Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Aleknagik Natives Limited Aleknagik Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Alexander Creek Inc. Alexander Creek Cook Inlet Region, Incorporated
Anton Larsen Inc. Anton Larsen Bay Koniag, Incorporated
Arvig Inc. Platinum Calista Corporation
Askinuk Corporation Scammon Bay Calista Corporation
Atkasook Corporation Atqasuk Arctic Slope Regional Corp.
Atmauthluak Limited Atmautluak Calista Corporation
Atxam Corporation Atka Aleut Corporation
Ayakulik Inc. Ayakulik Koniag, Incorporated
Azachorok Inc. Mountain Village Calista Corporation
Baan-o-yeel kon Corporation Rampart Doyon, Limited
Bay View Inc. Ivanof Bay Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Bean Ridge Corporation Manley Hot Springs Doyon, Limited
Beaver Kwit’Chin Corporation Beaver Doyon, Limited
Becharof Corporation Egegik Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Belkofski Corporation Belkofski Aleut Corporation
Bells Flats Native Group Inc. Bells Flats Koniag, Incorporated
Bethel Native Corporation Bethel Calista Corporation
Brevig Mission Native Corporation Brevig Mission Bering Straits Native Corp.
Buckland Nunachiak Corporation Buckland NANA Regional Corporation
Cape Fox Corporation Saxman Sealaska Corporation
Caswell Native Assoc. Inc. Caswell Cook Inlet Region, Incorporated
Chalkyitsik Native Corporation Chalkyitsik Doyon, Limited
Chaluka Corporation Nikolski Aleut Corporation
Chefarnrmute Inc. Chefornak (Chefornakes Slough) Calista Corporation
Chenega Corporation Chenega Chugach Alaska Corporation
Chevak Co Chevak Calista Corporation
Chigik River Limited Chignik Lake Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Chignik Lagoon Native Corporation Chignik Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Chilkaloon Moose Creek Native Assoc. Chickaloon Cook Inlet Region, Incorporated
Chitina Native Corporation Chitina Ahtna, Incorporated
Choggiung Limited Dillingham Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Chugach Natives Inc. Icy Bay Chugach Alaska Corporation
Chuloonawick Corporation Chuloonawik Calista Corporation
Council Native Corporation Council Bering Straits Native Corp.
Cully Corporation Point Lay Arctic Slope Regional Corp.
Danzhit Hanlaii Corporation Circle Doyon, Limited
Deacons Landing Inc. Deacons Landing Doyon, Limited
Deering Ipnatchiak Corporation Deering NANA Regional Corporation
Deloycheet Inc. Holy Cross Doyon, Limited
Dineega Corporation Ruby Doyon, Limited
Dinyea Corporation Stevens Village Doyon, Limited
Doratoi Inc. Flat Doyon, Limited
Dot Lake Native Corporation Dot Lake Doyon, Limited
Eklutna Inc. Eklutna Cook Inlet Region, Incorporated
Ekuk Native Limited Ekuk Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Ekwok Natives Limited Ekwok Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Elim Native Corporation Elim (Elim Reserve) Bering Straits Native Corp.
Elim Native Corporation St. Lawrence Bering Straits Native Corp.
Emmonak Corporation Emmonak Calista Corporation
English Bay Corporation Nanwalek (English Bay) Chugach Alaska Corporation
Evansville Inc. Evansville Doyon, Limited
The Eyak Corporation Cordova Chugach Alaska Corporation
Far West Inc. Chignik Bay Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Forty-Mile Inc. Chicken Doyon, Limited
Gakona Corporation Gakona Ahtna, Incorporated
Gana-a’yoo Limited Galena Doyon, Limited
Gana-a’yoo Limited Kaltag Doyon, Limited
Gana-a’yoo Limited Koyukuk Doyon, Limited
Gana-a’yoo Limited Nulato Doyon, Limited
Ganawas Corporation Knight Island Sealaska Corporation
Gold Creek-Susitna Native Association Gold Creek Calista Corporation
Gold Creek-Susitna Native Association Susitna Calista Corporation
Goldbelt Inc. Juneau (4 cities) Sealaska Corporation
Golovin Native Corporation Golovin Cook Inlet Region, Incorporated
Grouse Creek Corporation Grouse Creek Doyon, Limited
Gwitchyaazhee Corporation Fort Yukon Doyon, Limited
Haida Corporation Hydaburg Sealaska Corporation
Haycock Native Group Corporation Haycock Calista Corporation
Hee-yea Lingde Corporation Grayling Doyon, Limited
Huna Totem Corporation Hoonah Sealaska Corporation
Hungwitchin Corporation Eagle Doyon, Limited
Igiugig Native Corporation Igiugig Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Iliamna Native Corporation Iliamna Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Ingalik Inc. Anvik Doyon, Limited
Iqfijouq Co Eek Calista Corporation
Isanotski Corporation False Pass Aleut Corporation
Isingnakmeut Shungnak NANA Regional Corporation
Ivaisaapaagmit Corporation Ambler NANA Regional Corporation
Kake Tribal Corporation Kake Sealaska Corporation
Kaktovik Inupiat Corporation Kaktovik Arctic Slope Regional Corp.
Karluk Native Corporation Karluk Koniag, Incorporated
Kasigluk Inc. Kasigluk Calista Corporation
Katyaak Corporation Kiana NANA Regional Corporation
Kavilco Inc. Kassan Sealaska Corporation
Kenai Native Assoc. Inc. Kenai Cook Inlet Region, Incorporated
Kian Tr’ee Corporation Canyon Village Doyon, Limited
Kikiktagruk Inupiat Corporation Kotzebue NANA Regional Corporation
King Cove Corporation King Cove Aleut Corporation
King Island Native Corporation King Island Bering Straits Native Corp.
Kiutsarak Inc. Goodnews Bay Calista Corporation
Kivalina Sinnigaakmiut Kivalina NANA Regional Corporation
Klawaock Heenya Corporation Klawock Sealaska Corporation
Klukwan, Inc. Klukwan Sealaska Corporation
Kluti-Kaah Corporation Copper Center Ahtna, Incorporated
Knikatnu Inc. Knik Cook Inlet Region, Incorporated
Kokarmiut Corporation Akiak Calista Corporation
Kokrines Ic. Kokrines Doyon, Limited
Koliganek Natives Limited Koliganek Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Kongnikilnomuit Yuita Corporation Bill Moores Slough Calista Corporation
Kootznoowoo Inc. Angoon Sealaska Corporation
Koovukmeut Inc. Kobuk NANA Regional Corporation
Kotlik Yupik Corporation Kotlik Calista Corporation
K’oyitl’ots’ina Limited Hughes Doyon, Limited
K’oyitl’ots’ina Limited Huslia Doyon, Limited
K’oyitl’ots’ina Limited Alatna Doyon, Limited
K’oyitl’ots’ina Limited Allakaket Doyon, Limited
Koyuk Native Corporation Koyuk Bering Straits Native Corp.
Kugkaktilk Limited Kipnuk Calista Corporation
Kuskokwim Corporation Aniak Calista Corporation
Kuskokwim Corporation Chuathbaluk Calista Corporation
Kuskokwim Corporation Crooked Creek Calista Corporation
Kuskokwim Corporation Georgetown Doyon, Limited
Kuskokwim Corporation Lower Kalskag Calista Corporation
Kuskokwim Corporation Upper Kalskag Calista Corporation
Kuskokwim Corporation Napaimute Calista Corporation
Kuskokwim Corporation Red Devil Calista Corporation
Kuskokwim Corporation Sleetmute Calista Corporation
Kuskokwim Corporation Stony River Calista Corporation
Kuukpik Corporation, Inc. Nuiqsut Arctic Slope Regional Corp.
Kwethluk Inc. Kwethluk Calista Corporation
Kwik Inc. Kwigillingok Calista Corporation
Leisnoi, Inc. Woody Island Koniag, Incorporated
Levelock Natives Limited Levelock Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Lime Village Co Lime Village Calista Corporation
Litnik Inc. Litnik Koniag, Incorporated
Little Lake Louise Inc. Little Lake Louise Ahtna, Incorporated
Lower Tonsina Inc. Lower Tonsina Ahtna, Incorporated
Manokotak Natives Limited Manokotak Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Mary’s Igloo Native Corporation Mary’s Igloo Bering Straits Native Corp.
Maserculig Inc. Marshall Calista Corporation
Medfra Native Council Inc. Medfra Doyon, Limited
Mendas Cha-ag Native Corporation Healy Lake Doyon, Limited
Mentasta Inc. Mentasta Lake Ahtna, Incorporated
Minchumina Natives Inc. Minchumina Doyon, Limited
Montana Creek Native Assoc. Montana Creek Cook Inlet Region, Incorporated
MTNT Limited McGrath Doyon, Limited
MTNT Limited Nikolai Doyon, Limited
MTNT Limited Takotna Doyon, Limited
MTNT Limited Telida Doyon, Limited
Nagamut Limited Nagamut Calista Corporation
Napakiak Corporation Napakiak Calista Corporation
Napaskiak Inc. Napaskiak Calista Corporation
Native of Kodiak Inc. Kodiak Koniag, Incorporated
Nebesna Native Group Inc. Nebesna Ahtna, Incorporated
Neechootaalichaagat Corporation Birch Creek Doyon, Limited
Neechootaalichaagat Corporation Kantishna Doyon, Limited
Nelson Lagoon Corporation Nelson Lagoon Aleut Corporation
Nerklikmute Native Corporation Andereafsky Calista Corporation
Newtok Inc. Newtok Calista Corporation
NGTA Inc. Nightmute Calista Corporation
Nima Corporation Mekoryuk Calista Corporation
Nima Corporation Nunivak Calista Corporation
Ninilchik Natives Assoc., Inc. Ninilchik Cook Inlet Region, Incorporated
Noatak Napaaktukmeur Corporation Noatak NANA Regional Corporation
Nondalton Native Corporation Nondalton Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Northway Natives Inc. Northway Doyon, Limited
Nu-Nachk Pit Inc. Larsen Bay Koniag, Incorporated
Nunakauiak Yupik Corporation Toksook Bay Calista Corporation
Nunamiut Corporation Anaktuvuk Pass Arctic Slope Regional Corp.
Nunapiglluraq Corporation Hamilton Calista Corporation
Nunapitchuk Limited Nunapitchuk Calista Corporation
Oceanside Corporation Perryville Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Ohgsenskale Corporation Portage Creek Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Ohog Inc. Ohogamiut Calista Corporation
Old Harbor Native Corporation Old Harbor Koniag, Incorporated
Olgoonik Corporation, Inc. Wainwright Arctic Slope Regional Corp.
Olsonville Inc. Olsonville Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Oscarville Native Corporation Oscarville Calista Corporation
Ounalashka Corporation Unalaska Aleut Corporation
Ouzinkie Native Corporation Ouzinkie Koniag, Incorporated
Paimiut Corporation Paimiut Calista Corporation
Paug-Vik Inc. Limited Naknek Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Pedro Bay Corporation Pedro Bay Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Pilot Point Native Corporation Pilot Point Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Pilot Station Native Corporation Pilot Station Calista Corporation
Pitkas Point Native Corporation Pitkas Point Calista Corporation
Point Possession Inc. Point Possession Cook Inlet Region, Incorporated
Port Graham Corporation Port Graham Chugach Alaska Corporation
Putoo Corporation Noorvik NANA Regional Corporation
Qanirtuuq Inc. Quinhagak Calista Corporation
Qemirtalek Coast Corporation Kongiganek Calista Corporation
Saguyak Inc. Clarks Point Bristol Bay Native Corporation
St. George Tanadax Corporation St. George Aleut Corporation
St. Marys Native Corporation St. Marys Calista Corporation
St. Michael native Corporation St. Michaels Bering Straits Native Corp.
Salamatoff Native Assoc. Inc. Salamatoff Cook Inlet Region, Incorporated
Sanak Corporation Pauloff Harbor Aleut Corporation
Savonski Corporation Savonski Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Sea Lion Corporation Hooper Bay Calista Corporation
Seldovia Native Assoc. Inc. Seldovia Cook Inlet Region, Incorporated
Seth-do-ya-ah Corporation Minto Doyon, Limited
Shaan-Seet Inc. Craig Sealaska Corporation
Shaktoolik Native Corporation Shaktoolik Bering Straits Native Corp.
Shee Atiká, Inc. Sitka Sealaska Corporation
Shishmaref Natrive Corporation Shishmaref Bering Straits Native Corp.
Shumagin Corporation Sand Point Aleut Corporation
Shuyak Inc. Port William Koniag, Incorporated
Sitnasuak Native Corporation Nome Bering Straits Native Corp.
Slana Native Corporation Slana Ahtna, Incorporated
Solomon Native Corporation Solomon Bering Straits Native Corp.
Sta-Keh Corporation Gulkana Chugach Alaska Corporation
Stebbins Native Corporation Stebbins Bering Straits Native Corp.
Stuyahok Limited New Stuyahok Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Swan Lake Corporation Sheldon Point Calista Corporation
Talzina Inc. Tazlina Ahtna, Incorporated
Tanacross Inc. Tanacross Doyon, Limited
Tanadgusik Corporation St. Paul Aleut Corporation [1]
Tanalian Inc. Port Alsworth Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Tatitlek Corporation Tatitlek Chugach Alaska Corporation [2]
Teller Native Corporation Teller Bering Straits Native Corp.
Tetlin Indian Reservation Tetlin Doyon, Limited
Tikigaq Corporation Point Hope Arctic Slope Regional Corp. [3]
Tihteet’aii Inc. Birch Creek Doyon, Limited
Toghotthele Corporation Nenana Doyon, Limited
Togiak Natives Limited Togiak Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Tozitna Limited Tananna Doyon, Limited
Tulkisarmute Inc. Tuluksak Calista Corporation
Tuntutuliak Land Limited Tuntutuliak Calista Corporation
Tununrmiut Rinit Corporation Tununak Calista Corporation
Twin Hills Native Corporation Twin Hills Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Twin Lake Native Group Inc. Twin Lake Ahtna, Incorporated
Tyonek Native Corporation Tyonek Cook Inlet Region, Incorporated
Uganik Natives, Inc. Uganik Koniag, Incorporated
Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation Barrow Arctic Slope Regional Corp.
Umkumiute Limited Umkumiute Calista Corporation
Unalakleet Native Corporation Unalakleet Bering Straits Native Corp.
Unga Corporation Unga Aleut Corporation
Uyak, Inc. Uyak Koniag, Incorporated
Venetie Indian Reservation Venetie Doyon, Limited
Wales Native Corporation Wales Bering Straits Native Corp.
White Mountain Native Corporation White Mountain Bering Straits Native Corp.
Wisenak Inc. Wisenak Doyon, Limited
Yak-tat Kwaan Inc. Yakutat Sealaska Corporation
Yedetena Na Corporation Cantwell Ahtna, Incorporated
Yedetena Na Corporation Chistochina Ahtna, Incorporated
Zho-Tsa, Inc. Shageluk Doyon, Limited